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Exclusive Japanese Reserve only at Chambao

Chambao evokes a sybaritic environment that converges rusticity, luxury, fashion and art in one place.

Its grill and fire concept is fascinating, it offers an exclusive way to explore the amazing world of cuts of steak and taste unparalleled flavors. 

Our Japanese Beef Reserve is a selection of extraordinary Japanese meats; at Chambao you can enjoy exclusive cuts such as: Takamori Beef, Omi Beef, Kobe Beef and our 28 Day Dry Aged in House, with a minimum aging of 28 days that intensifies the flavors and guarantees an impressive tenderness. 

The passion for beef cuts has led Grupo RosaNegra to create one of the most exclusive and unique events of the season: the Exclusive Japanese Beef Reserve with Noriaki Numamoto as special guest. 

On January 23rd in Chambao Cancun and later on January 27th at Chambao Polanco, you will be part of an unprecedented culinary experience, guided by Noriaki Numamoto, a renowned meat specialist, who has become a reference in beef cuts worldwide for his skill and knowledge. 

Noriaki Numamoto has the unique ability to cut beef into 100 different parts. By extracting the most precious slices and doing so when the meat is in the best possible condition, he elevates the value and distinctive quality of wagyu beef. Each cut is a precise movement, a masterful performance like no other.

The main advantage of the Numamoto cut is that it allows you to get as much meat as possible from the beef without compromising the quality of the piece. 

At this event, you will witness Numamoto's mastery as he performs almost 100 cuts of different angles and thicknesses, with two pieces of superior quality beef. After the visual spectacle, you will enjoy the tasting menu where the meat will be the starting point for each dish and the star of a unique culinary experience with selected pairings by our expert sommeliers. 

Explore this art, in addition to tasting the most coveted and exclusive parts of the beef.

His techniques have been featured in international magazines and media, this "Numamoto Cut" has catapulted him to fame as a wagyu expert and host of various events in Dubai, Russia and Monaco. Now you can witness his talent and skill in handling a one-of-a-kind piece of meat, surrounded by the luxury and sophistication that distinguishes Chambao.