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The ultimate guide to different beef cuts

Are you ready to elevate your dining experience to another level by indulging in an exquisite steak?

This guide will help you learn about the extraordinary steak world of beef cuts and help you consider your options before visiting Chambao. 


New York

New York Steak, also known as Strip loin, is a juicy, lean, boneless cut. This cut belongs to the middle part of the loin. It’s a tender and slightly marbled meat and is usually prepared on the grill. 


Rib Eye

Rib Eye is a slightly softer cut when compared to New York, as well as fatter. The marbling texture is one of its most known singularities, and as the name implies, it comes from an area closer to the ribs. 



It’s cut from the rib, many consider it similar to Rib Eye, but with the particularity of being served with its bone. It’s a vast cut with a rich flavor thanks to the balance between the marbling texture and its proximity to the bone. Fun fact: It’s extracted from the fifth to twelfth rib



This beef cut belongs to the T-bone center and the back of the tenderloin (it can be considered a mixture between the New York and Sirloin) 

You will be able to taste different textures and it’s usually wider than other cuts. It’s a cut of beef with complex flavors that we totally recommend! 



If you’re looking for a generous and tasty beef cut, a Tomahawk is perfect for you. It can be described as a large chop served with its bone. Its name is inspired by its shape resembling a single handed axe, order it medium rare or rare to delight yourself with its texture and flavor. 


Australian Wagyu 

If you’re looking for unmatched quality, let us suggest our Australian WagyuMany places around the world have been dedicated to Wagyu production, however some have gone the extra mile, putting greater effort into achieving unprecedented excellence, and this is Australia’s case. Its protocols, outstanding breeding and cattle care lead to top quality beef cuts with extraordinary taste. 


Chambao has a wide variety of beef cuts, if you have a question or would like to know more about our menu, do not hesitate to ask your waiter, who will be ready to answer any questions and make your visit as satisfying as possible. 


The incredible world of beef cuts awaits you in Chambao