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What’s slow fashion?

Fashion is a powerful tool, a way to present ourselves to the world, to show our personality and style; it’s universal and all of us, in one way or another, we all have a bond with the clothes we wear and fashion. 

However, we also live in complicated times where ecology and sustainability are social issues of great importance. The fashion industry has grown rapidly and that is why slow fashion has taken more and more strength. 

Let's start by knowing what slow fashion is; slow fashion is the concept that encompasses a change of habits regarding fashion and, as its name suggests, it seeks to slow down fashion consumption. It’s about thinking, dressing and buying in a conscious way and to promote better production processes. The quality of each product or garment is a priority, it seeks to give time to each process of creation and in addition to adding value, the goal is also to pollute less. 


Characteristics of Slow Fashion:

  • The production time is slow: the aim is to make fewer pieces but with higher quality.
  • Quality is a priority: garments must be made of good quality textiles, so that they are durable and can be worn for many years.
  • A fair wage must be paid to all those involved in their creation: from designers, producers, dressmakers and sellers.
  • They seek to reduce the carbon footprint, promoting zero waste. (zero waste) 
  • Limited collections are made. 


In Chambao, fashion is one of our principal trademarks, our fashion show and the boutique is a space where we seek to evoke the essence of our brand: to be powerful, sensual and bohemian at the same time.  

In our boutique you will find sophisticated designs focused on highlighting feminine beauty, with a seductive and extraordinary style. Our designs are inspired by Mediterranean trends, the eternal summer in Ibiza, the Caribbean beaches by day and the sophistication of its nights. 

We seek to create a few pieces, take care of fabrics and textiles, work with Mexican hands and give focus and essence to each of our collections.

More than quantity, our boutique focuses on one main objective: quality. 

Find our stores in Cancun, Tulum and Polanco and enjoy Chambao's multifaceted and timeless garments.