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Spice menu at Chambao Madrid


At Chambao we are pleased to present our exclusive Spice Menu, an extraordinary culinary experience that combines the most exquisite flavors and the most representative dishes of our cuisine. For a limited time we invite you to enjoy this special menu that will awaken your senses and transport you to a unique gastronomic journey in Madrid. 


The Spice menu has been carefully designed to offer you a unique combination of ingredients and flavors in each dish. From the first bite to the last, each dish will surprise you with its intensity and complexity of flavors. Our team of expert chefs has applied innovative culinary techniques to create an experience that will leave you speechless. 

If you haven't visited Chambao Madrid, this is the best opportunity to do so, as this lunch menu has gathered the gems of the menu and puts them at your fingertips for a very affordable price. This lunch menu includes a glass of wine that can be white to pair perfectly with the flavors of the dishes. 

The Spice Menu is available for 45 euros per person for a limited time from Monday to Friday, we recommend you to book in advance so you don't miss this incredible opportunity to discover magnificent dishes and the best ingredients in one of the best restaurants in Madrid

To reserve your place and enjoy this lunch menu, you can do it through our website or as a walk-in. 

Chambao's Spice Menu is an invitation for foodies to immerse themselves in a world of intense and exquisite flavors. Let yourself be surprised by the fusion of ingredients and techniques that make each dish an unforgettable culinary experience.  

Explore the gastronomic offer of Grupo RosaNegra and enjoy the best midday meal in Madrid at the best price.