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Reasons to visit Chambao Cancún

Chambao is one of the great concepts of Grupo RosaNegra that has stood out in Cancun’s nightlife, thanks to its premium beef cuts, high-level entertainment and its projection of local fashion in an avant-garde and elegant way.

Are you looking for a reason to visit Chambao Cancun? We have some ideas in mind.


Wonderful location

Chambao is located in a privileged location, in the Nichupté lagoon in the hotel zone in Cancun, which will allow you to admire the fireworks in the sky, as well as the aerial fabric acrobatics show that will make your night a special and magical evening. 

Imagine a starry night, the breeze and a spectacular view of the lagoon. You can’t ask for more!


Beef cuts

In Chambao you will find a wide selection such as: Takamori, Omi and Kobe beef, these Japanese cuts will allow you to discover a variety of high-end flavors that are coveted by foodies from around the world.

You can also find the 28 day Dry-aged in house, which is a steak carefully aged, intensifying the flavor and allowing the natural enzymes to soften it, guaranteeing a tender steak of limited production. 

We have our Butcher’s boutique, where our experts can recommend and guide you through all the beef cuts we can offer you, as well as dishes that can be sliced and served at your table in a spectacular way. 


Happenings & Live shows.

The talented guitarist show, a fashion runway, firework curtain, aerial fabric acrobatics and the DJ mixes will make your night unforgettable. Chambao seeks to surprise you and give you a unique evening you will remember for a long time. Each show, each magical moment was planned and thought to offer you a multifaceted and entertaining night. 



Fashion is a lifestyle and a way of communicating who you’re to the world. Chambao showcases a runway with fresh and vaporous garments and has a boutique where you can find the latest in boho-chic fashion, as well as accessories, hats and those dresses are perfect to wear on a Chambao night.


Wide selection of wines

Nothing better to pair a sophisticated beef cut than your favorite bottle of wine. 

Chambao Cancun has a great variety of wines for all those who are passionate about this fabulous drink. 

Intensify your meal’s flavors with the perfect glass of wine, we help you create the perfect pairing. 


We promise you a night of unmatched celebration in one of the best restaurants in Cancun.