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Raymundo Cazarín: mixology star at Grupo RosaNegra

Grupo RosaNegra's signature mixology has been characterized by its creativity, innovation and artistic expression in aromas, textures and high-level presentations. Each restaurant has a unique personality and the drinks menu must reflect its essence and authenticity.

Raymundo Cazarín is the star behind the mixology bar of the group, a Mexican talent who has been "National Champion" of cocktails twice and current Pan-American Cocktail Champion, the first Mexican to participate in a World Cocktail Championship and Mexico's representative in the next World Championship 2022 to be held in Cuba. 

We strive to bring together the most outstanding talents and collaborators in their field. We are sharing this interview with Raymundo Cazarín: mixologist and beverage manager of Grupo RosaNegra. 

What is your inspiration to create drinks?

I like to create from the glass, the container of the drink. Depending on the glassware I analyze what kind of drink it can carry or what it can become, it’s a fact that cocktails enter through sight. Then I think about the aroma, what the person will smell and last but not least: taste. 


What is mixology about for you? 

It's about creation and innovation, a lot of feedback, tasting, listening to experiences and opinions, as well as understanding that trends change all the time. It’s important to be aware of what’s happening around the world; at some point macerates were in fashion, then molecular drinks, there is always and will always be some trend or influence to follow. Cocktails are about playing with the customer's palate, going beyond the liquid. 


Tell us about your work at Grupo RosaNegra

RosaNegra for me has been a space to create, express and reinvent cocktails. An avant garde company, which is constantly expanding. I’m in charge of training the bartenders, I love the teamwork and the synergy that exists behind the bar. I train the staff to keep us updated and to keep perfecting our techniques.  


What’s the inspiration behind Grupo RosaNegra's drinks?


Depending on the concept, Grupo RosaNegra has very defined concepts that are very different from each other. I’m inspired by the furniture, the bar, the food menu, and its influences; all of this is combined with creativity and the trends of the moment. 


What’s the process of designing a mixology menu?

Finding the perfect glassware that represents the brand and the concept, then I follow with execution and technique. It’s important to know the techniques (shaking, blending, flaming, stirring, among many others) to be able to create from them and design a balanced menu. 

The goal is to create flavors that people will not find in other places, discover different presentations and design an extraordinary sensory experience. 


If you want to know more about Raymundo's work we recommend you to follow his Instagram account.