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Chambao: the best restaurant to eat in Polanco

Chambao Polanco is undoubtedly the best restaurant to eat in Mexico City, its dishes with exclusive ingredients, incredible spaces, signature mixology and sophisticated atmosphere will conquer your senses every evening. 

If you’re looking for a place to have business meals  in Polanco, Chambao is perfect. One visit will be enough for you to discover all the gastronomic experiences it has for you. 


Memorable flavors

Start your experience with memorable flavors from our cuisine. Try the Spicy Maine Lobster Croquettes and our exquisite Tartar. Two ideal dishes to share and discover the freshness of the sea.  


Exceptional dishes


The Super Colossal Octopus is one of Chambao's most exclusive dishes. Served with serrano aioli and roasted potato. We recommend serving it with a glass of your favorite wine. A must on your next visit. 


The most exclusive beef cuts in the world

At Chambao you will find a wide selection of beef cuts such as: Takamori, Omi and Kobe, these Japanese cuts will allow you to discover a variety of high-end flavors that are coveted by foodies around the world. This is Lucifer, one of the most amazing dishes on our menu.


Extraordinary spaces 

Our spaces were designed to create unique sensations and experiences. Find your favorite spot to live a memorable evening and enjoy an exceptional moment at lunchtime.


Signature Mixology

Enjoy a wide selection of signature drinks created with premium distillates and fresh ingredients. More than cocktails, our drinks are experiences, explore a world of creativity and innovation in mixology.


Exceptional desserts

End your business afternoon in Polanco enjoying the best desserts in town.  Our dessert menu is a tribute to sweet and sophisticated flavors with dreamy presentations. We recommend "Chocolate Perdition" the ideal dessert to share and call it a day.