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Chambao: an unprecedented Fashion GrillHouse

Chambao is the first FashionGrill, an encounter between nature and sophistication inspired by one of the most spectacular and popular destinations in the world: Tulum. 

What makes Chambao an innovative concept? 

Besides being a Fine Dining restaurant with high level entertainment, Chambao has refined a concept that for years has been considered masculine: the concept of beef cuts. 

In the restaurant industry, cuts of steak have been linked and sold to the male audience; the design, image, advertising and all the information related to this type of restaurant have been directed towards this demographic. 

This is where Chambao arrived to revolutionize the industry, fusing a GrillHouse with fashion, adding a sophisticated, stylish and trendy touch. A concept that unites and complements. Since its inception, all images and advertising was headed by women, empowering their beauty and seeking to transform the idea that a steakhouse is a place for men only. 

In addition to finding exclusive beef cuts, with specialized spaces such as our Butcher's Boutique, you can also enjoy the clothing runway, with a collection inspired by the essence of Chambao. On the catwalk you will find light and organic designs that flatter the female figure, created with high quality textiles with a bohemian and chic air. 

Fashion is the star, because we know that nights out are not complete without the perfect outfit that adds a fabulous touch to your experience and reflects a mood of total fulfillment and confidence. 

Chambao brings together two energies and personalities, which attract and complement each other. The subtlety of fashion and feminine sensuality contrast with the experience of tasting cuts of meat with smoky and powerful flavors. 

During your visit you can discover all the options we offer from the hand of our experts, for example, our Japanese Reserve: Takamori, Omi and Kobe Beef, as well as the exclusive Creekstone Farms line of superior quality or the version aged for 28 days achieving a unique and different flavor. 

Our menu is extremely extensive, complex and full of products that you will not find in other restaurants. We have allied with suppliers of great renown and prestige, to offer only the most authentic and highest quality products. 

Chambao is innovative because it has created a complete experience with high level entertainment and gourmet dishes that combine the incredible world of beef cuts with the fashion trends of the moment. It connects two globally loved concepts, diversifying a sector by offering more experiences and an atmosphere that unites, includes and entertains. 

Find Chambao in Tulum, Cancun, Mexico City and Los Cabos in Mexico, and is the first brand to expand to Europe, opening a new branch in Madrid Spain. 

Chambao is ready to reach new destinations around the world and conquer diners from all over the world.