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5 Madrid attractions not to be missed

Madrid is a beautiful city, full of history and mythical sites that make it unique in Europe. A vacation in Madrid will always be a good idea, its majestic main avenues, diverse neighborhoods, parks, museums and attractions make it ideal for an extraordinary getaway full of culture and lifestyle. 

Every day you can do something different and live a new experience, read on to discover what to do in Madrid. 


Royal Palace


The Royal Palace is one of the most majestic and important attractions in Madrid. A place that holds an important part of the country's history. It’s the official residence of the monarchy although they do not currently live there, it’s a historical heritage of the country. 


Prado Museum


The Prado National Museum is one of the most important museums in the world, its collections are the result of years of alliances, ruling dynasties and the monarchy. In this museum you will find oil paintings and important pieces of Spain's history. 

In this museum you can admire works by Velasquez, El Greco and Goya and many others. A true tribute to art, history and culture of the world. 


Parque del Retiro


The Retiro Park covers 62 acres and more than 15,000 trees, in the center of the city. It has several gardens, a pond and various sculptures. Since July 25, 2021, it’s recognized, along with the Paseo del Prado, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can find culture, leisure and sports for locals and visitors, without a doubt a must-see in Madrid. 


Plaza Mayor 


The Plaza Mayor is the historic center, a square that concentrates stores, restaurants and historical sites. It’s the old part of the city and the ideal starting point for a visit to one of the most charming neighborhoods.

You can find the statue of Felipe III, as well as several establishments with great history, such as El Botín, considered the oldest restaurant in the world. A trip to Madrid is not complete without a visit to the Plaza Mayor. 


Shows and nightlife


In this destination you will find the best nightlife in Spain, iconic nightclubs, intimate bars, tapas places, Tablaos, the best plays and various concepts that will surprise you. 

You could go out every night and do something different every time, because there is something for everyone in each neighborhood. Discover the best dinners with shows in Madrid at Chambao and RosaNegra, two of the most extravagant restaurants in the city. 


This destination has it all, leisure, culture, history, and fun, don't forget to create your itinerary and visit the most important spots. 

Discover museums, parks and the best restaurants in Madrid during your vacation, live an unforgettable getaway in one of the most incredible cities in the world.