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5 ideas for your photos in Chambao Cancun

Chambao Cancun is the perfect place to eat, enjoy fascinating drinks and take fabulous pictures for your Instagram.

We’d love to share some ideas for your next visit so you can take the best photos on our iconic sofa and remember: Bad decisions make better stories!

Laying down

Feel free to lay down on our sofa and find an aesthetic pose to use all the space possible, then use your charm to seduce the camera.

Sit down with style

Just sit down with your best outfit and share your smile with the camera. Say cheers and save this special moment in your heart.

As a couple 

Sit down on the sofa with your favorite person in the world and give off your best looks. Share love, a happy moment and the best dinner of your life together in Chambao!

With your best friend! 

If you’re visiting Chambao with your best friend, this is your chance to take a picture while looking amazing. Start the evening with a snap that will become a memory of your best getaway together! 

Play with the lighting and shadows

Sit down, stand up or strike a sexy pose, but this time play with shadows, lighting or filters. Find a different angle and concept for your picture. We love when our visitors put all of their creativity into their photos.